About Winet
About Winet®

Who are we?
Winet® Group of Companies was established in 1996. We are an IT (Information Technology) / ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Company and are reputable in providing quality and innovative IT software products, solutions and services.

Our core product is iContact™ - a web based software for B2B, B2C & B2E Communications, Collaboration, Campaign Management, Operation Management and Service Delivery Anytime, Anywhere and Any Device. Core iContact™ solution suites include: iContact™ Marketing Suite, iContact™ eCommerce Suite, iContact™ MRM Suite, iContact™ Mobile Suite & iContact™ Business Process Suite.

Besides, we also provide quality and comprehensive services include: IT services (consultancy, application customization & system integration); Design services (web-design, newsletter-design, multi-media production & courseware design); Marketing services (targeted e-Marketing, SMS Marketing & event announcement / registration); Hosting services (Application hosting, e-mails, web hosting).

What do we do?
With ten years' web products, solutions, services experience and a team of great web experts following Winet® values, we are ready to provide quality products, service and solutions to improve your quality of service, operation effectiveness and return on investment.

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