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iContact™ Marketing Suite
Helps you find, get and grow more profitable customers at a lower cost!
Companies can improve marketing effectiveness, customer loyalty and service quality through adopting the iContact™ Marketing Suite, which includes:
Web Management
The iContact™ Web Management Solution facilitates B2C (Business to Consumer) branding by expanding a company's strength - from product benefits to relationship and emotional benefits for all constituents, and the consistent delivery of a distinctive customer experience. User-friendly and innovative WYSIWYG iContactTM Editor for content and banner creation and publishing allows a company to establish a distinctive brand through the web in alignment with the market strategy anytime and anywhere.
Market News Management
The iContact™ Market News Management Solution provides a convenient means for news publishing and distribution management. News can be created-once-and-distributed-many for achieving better market effectiveness. Workflow control is integrated for content approval, publishing arrangement and news distribution to the targeted groups.
Loyal Customer Management
The iContact™ Loyal Customer Management Solution helps a company identify their most profitable customers and then deliver quality service to maintain them. These customers may account for more than 80% of your profit. It provides a comprehensive and effective means for registration, segmentation, interactions, management and preference analysis of your customers.
Target Marketing
The iContact™ Target Marketing Solution significantly improves marketing effectiveness. It helps you better analyze, plan, execute and manage marketing activities. Targeted e-marketing, SMS and events invitations can be customized, personalized and processed. In addition, the corresponding responses can be tracked, handled and analyzed automatically and efficiently.
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