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iContact™ eCommerce Suite
Helps you build, monitor and manage business better!
Build, monitor and manage your business effectively through online means. Get and grow more business through a more convenient and effective online channel.
Product Library
The iContact™ Product Library Solution facilitates the product information management and comparison. Product information can be published and compared by category. Product price and discount can be managed and sold through integrating with the e-Marketplace solution.
The iContact™ e-Marketplace Solution provides a means to earn more and reach more customers at a lower cost. iContact™ e-Marketplace objects provide faster communication channels and reduce order-to-delivery lead times. Customers can effectively search and select products and services, and the company can get more accurate forecasts and respond better to changing conditions.
Order Management
The iContact™ Order Management Solution provides a convenient means of order, invoice, delivery and payment management. Payment gateway solution is also integrated for end-to-end solution automation.
Service Management
The iContact™ Service Management helps a company to launch pre-sales and after-sales services more effectively. Integrated with iContact™ eForm and content management systems, different kinds of service request forms can be generated and published automatically. Service requests can be registered and alerted immediately for the follow-ups.
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