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Powers your business and operations with iContact™ Mobile Solutions anytime and anywhere!
While iContact™ offers traditional bricks-and-mortar organizations new power to extend business reach through B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) web solutions, the iContact™ Mobile Suite further strengthens this power through iContact™ Mobile Solutions, which includes:
Mobile Office
You can now have a Mobile Office using a handy device anytime and anywhere through the iContact™ Mobile Suite. The Mobile Office reshapes your business into a more efficient, cost-effective and competitive one. The iContact™ PDA versions features for activity management and analytics significantly improve the efficiency of your business and management. Also, iContact™ SMS features create a new, simple and effective method of communications involving business and system alerts, and security management.
Targeted m-Marketing
Targeted m-Marketing further improves the effectiveness of target marketing. Based on the iContact™ mobile technology, you can customize and personalize mobile SMS content based on customer preference. Also, marketing events' reminders can be distributed through SMS - more timely and cost-effective than traditional hard-copy replies, e-mails or telephone calls.
m-Workforce Management
m-Workforce Management provides timely, high-quality and effective service delivery, which helps substantially reduce operation costs and improve customer satisfaction. With the iContact™ Mobile Suite, problem escalation and service alerts can be sent through SMS. In addition, iContact™ Smartphone and PDA features allow prompt and convenient management of service logs, service data and service acceptance.
Virtual Community
The Virtual Community redefines markets by expanding or stimulating demand. The growth in a managed Virtual Community may also signify gain in actual. iContact™ Mobile Suite features provide a convenient way to communicate and collaborate through mobile devices. Furthermore, iContact™ objects for PDA content publishing, polling, surveys and forums facilitate frequent, convenient and effective virtual community interactions, which subsequently lead to market gain.
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