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iContact Business Process Suite
iContact™ Business Process Suites
Helps you gain excellent and efficient business processes anytime, anywhere and any device!
Create, organize, share and publish the right information for the right people at the right time. Apply, coordinate, check and approve internal support and operations timely and effectively.  
Online Publishing
iContact™ Online Publishing is a cost-effective solution for online publications or even e-learning. Upload your publication and learning materials online using a convenient, user-friendly and reliable means for content editing, checking, approval and publishing. Integrated with the powerful iContact™ WYSIWYG content editor, the iContact™ Online Publishing Solution supports table-of-content generation, content editing, content checking, and content approval and publishing. iContact™ also provides functions for online quizzes, enrolment and membership registration, which further enhance the solution as a complete e-learning platform.
Workflow Management
iContact™ Workflow Management is an automated means for different operations to achieve centralized and proper administration controls while having offices and workforces operating at different locations. The effectiveness and efficiency of business operations can be improved accordingly.
eForm Management
iContact™ E-form Management is a convenient way to handle the life cycle of any form: from creation, checking, approval, escalation, tracking, sharing to execution. Editing of related forms and processing history done by different parties are properly tracked for future reference and audits. It makes HR, finance and administrative work simpler and more controllable.
Project Management
iContact™ Project Management provides a simple way to manage projects anytime and anywhere. Successful project deployments require consistent communication between project team members about project objectives, budget, available resources, priorities and related activities or deliverables. iContact™ Project Management provides a convenient platform for project idea sharing, discussion and approval. Related tasks can be managed, prioritized, assigned and alerted through the iContact™ workflow, task management, SMS and e-mail engines.
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