Are you Prepared for Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance?

The Government of Hong Kong SAR has started phase one of Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance (CAP593) 2007 in Jun 2007 and will enter into phase two at the end of Oct 2007. Fines or imprisonment of a maximum for 10 years may be resulted if unauthorized messages are sent.

Nevertheless, what's this ordinance about? And most importantly, how can your company avoid such penalty while using emails as a means to promote your business?

Some of the principles are that the sender can only send commercial email messages to whom which have authorized the sender. That the message shall include unsubscribe facilities in clear and conspicuous manner. The sender should state clear his/her/ the organization's identity while sending the message. For the content part, the message should not contain information which will be invalid 30 days after sent. For those email addresses on the unsubscribed email list, they should be saved for at least 3 years since the day being stored in the unsubscribed list, and moreíK

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To know more about the UEM Ordinance, you may also visit the OTFA website:

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