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Dec 20, 2005

Powered by our intelligent iContact™ engine and handled by our quality
Winet® design expertise, newly revamped Winet® web-site with more comprehensive contents and features is launched today.

Dec 19, 2005

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Season and a Happy New Year, we prepare a Winet® X'Mas eCard to bring you sweet memories and success in the coming

Nov 11, 2005

By adopting the powerful iContact™ enterprise software, Ten Gun established their customer relationship management system for B2B & B2C sales and marketing purposes. In addition, supported by iContact™ intelligent content and product management engine, new company news and product announcements could be published and updated anytime and anywhere.

Nov 04, 2005

Following the success of deploying iContact™ software suite for CityU's online publishing and contact management purposes, innovative iContact™ engine is selected for their project management purposes.iContact™ Business Process Suite is implemented to fulfill CityU COMO project management and activities management purposes. Activities and resources can be properly planned, scheduled, monitored and analyzed anytime anywhere.

Nov 04, 2005

Reliance Motors Ltd launched their Honda Stepwgn web-site today. Winet® is selected again to be their web service provider. Winet has demonstrated the skills in multimedia web production in developing Honda Stepwgn micro-site.
The web shows the utility features and spacious interior of Stepwgn in a dynamic way. Let's have fun by browsing hk/stepwgn/ index.htm

Oct 28, 2005

By adopting the iContact™ enterprise software, Frontier established their content, contact and service management system. Supported by the iContact™ Software Suite: news and product information can be updated anytime anywhere ;marketing campaigns can be launched efficiently and effectively; service request can be handled immediately and qualitatively. Moreover, comprehensive analytic reports can be generated at a click.

Oct 21, 2005

Considering Winet's excellent service and creative design, Orchied House Fashion Ltd. selected Winet® again to be the Melani's web service provider. We cordially invite you to experience the interactive flash created by Winet® professional designers. Just click:

Oct 03, 2005

Faculty of Languages, Arts and Sciences (FLAS) of HKIED revamped and launched their web-site today. Creative Winet® designers use photos of student activities and campus to build the web-site. Let's click to see this quality & attractive presentation.

Oct 02, 2005
Winet's participated the four days' Innovation Expo 05 held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and was rounded off on 2 Oct 05. A lot of visitors were attracted to explore how to "Power up their Business through a B2B, B2C & B2E enterprise-software" and experience the power of iContact™ 3.0. The visitors were deeply impressed by the
functionality, flexibility, user- friendliness and cost effectiveness of iContact™ 3.0 software suite.
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