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Sep 29, 2005

Asia Times Online conducted an interview with Winet Ltd. to explore the secret of iContact™'s success. General Manager of Winet Ltd. (Ms. A. Lim) shared the Winet company vision (Create Win-Win through Web Innovations) and the product development strategy (focused on customer satisfaction, market demand and win-win partnership) during the interview. The reporter is so impressed by the energetic and innovative culture of Winet Ltd.

Sep 01, 2005

Winet Ltd. is excited to launch new websites for Reliance Motors Ltd- Jazz. By combining aesthetics and high quality multimedia production, Winet designers create distinct flash animations and effects to show all the cool features of Jazz. Enjoy the Jazz show through clicking:

Aug 29, 2005

Powered by the sophisticated iContact™ analytic engine, Infolab
Technology could generate comprehensive shipment, container and commodity reports for their customers anytime anywhere. This achievement arouses a revolution of the marketing data industry and helps Infolab create a valuable competitive edge in the market.

Aug 22, 2005

香港基督教女青年會與 Winet® 於八月二十二日齊創健力士世界紀錄。香港基督教女青年會(YWCA)舉辦了一項名為「同耆上網創千擊」的長者網上學習活動。透過iContact™ 內容管理系統之多功能介面,YWCA設計了一內容豐富、高互動性之課程供長者報讀。活動當日,合共有逾千名長者經由iContact™ 之報讀系統報讀該課程。在iContact™ 強大的系統支援下,活動得以順利完成,並錄得1483長者完成該網上課程。此創舉將被申請列入健力士世界紀錄。

Aug 10, 2005
CityU Como selected the use of iContact Software Suite again for their press release, content and communication management. In addition,
the existing CityU Newscenter is equipped with new iContact™ advanced-search-engine for "And", "Or", "by Relevance", "by Category" and "by Date" searching. Visitors can browse CityU News more efficiently while CityU could communicate with different channels more effectively.
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