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Mar 1, 2005
By adopting the powerful & user-friendly iContact™ system and Winet Professional Services' quality design, CP Adaltis launches their official site. By using the iContact™ WYSIWYG content management engine, information updates could be done effectively and efficiently! In addition, the comprehensive iContact™ content management engine and file objects could help CP Adaltis staff update product and web site information anytime anywhere. Let's netvigate and experience the quality output through a click >>
Feb 8, 2005
Comprehensive iContact™ Content Management Engine is adopted by CCC Heep Woh Secondary School for revamping its institute's web-site. Thanks to the user-friendly iContact Content Editor, Heep Woh teachers can update the website easily and efficiently anytime & anywhere. Also, the public and students can get the most updated information/ news more easily.
Jan 15, 2005
Professional Winet® designers create an attractive web site to promote language learning for Education Manpower Bureau - Task Force on Language Support. Colorful flash opening is introduced to create an eye-catching effect for the visitors. Blue and green are selected as the main color tone for bringing a sharp and lively presentation of the content.
Jan 10, 2005
Powered by iContact™ Photo Album module, HKU External Relations Office launched their new online Photo Library. With iContacts powerful functions and user-friendly interface, users can easily manage the photos, search photos information and keep track of photo access records. Also, with Winet professional design service, the Photo Library appears in a brighter look now.
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