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Dec 24, 2004
In order to thank our customers' excellent support in 2004, Winet designers have created a young and handsome Santa Claus to celerate the X'mas with our customers!
Dec 10, 2004
Winet Wireless Solution Kiosk Demonstration @ Cyberport

The Asia Pacific Software Industry Forum (APICT) ICT in Community 2005 has attracted industry players all over the Asia Pacific to gather at Cyberport on 10th DEC 2004 to share their knowhow on the coming mobile technology trend and solutions in the region. Winet® mobile applications (Workflow and SMS) are demonstrated during the event at Cyberport HKWDC Winet® Kiosk. A lot of visitors have come to the Kiosk and are impressed by our user-friendly & innovative mobile technology.

Dec 01, 2004
iContact™ Software Suite Booth @ IBM Linux Solution Day
Linux has evolved from merely a buzz word to a reality and continues to gain momentum as the open, ubiquitous operating system standard. Helping customers to learn more about this, IBM organized (Linux: Open Opportunity in an Open World) conference and exhibition on December 1, 2004 @ Intercontinental hotel. Winet® was invited to demonstrate our innovative iContact™ Linux Solutions (CRM, Content Management, Workflow Management, e-Learning, on-line Publishing) during this Event. A lot of visitors have come to our demonstration counter and are impressed by our comprehensive, flexible, user-friendly & innovative technology.
Nov 29, 2004
Winet® Newsletter - NOV Issue
Winet® Newsletter - Nov Issue is distributed today. Highlighted Winet® news, events & promotions in NOV 2004 & DEC 2004 include:
  • Revamp & Promotion of Winet iContact™ Solutions for Commercial Sector
  • Revamp & Promotion of Winet iContact™
    Solutions for Education Sector
  • iContact™ Software Suite Booth @ IBM Linux Solution Day
  • Winet Wireless Solution Kiosk Demonstration @ Cyberport
  • Winet Shenzhen China Office Open on 12th DEC 2004
  • iContact™ SMS Distribution Service Anywhere & Anytime to Mainland China & Hong Kong at HKD0.6 only!!
Nov 15, 2004

With iContact™ software suite was selected by Lision for powering their Ego Pharmaceuticals web-site and membership registration system. News and product information can be updated anytime and anywhere through the powerful and user-friendly iContact™ content editor. In addition, appropriate contents / information can be searched for handling different kinds of skin problems. Moreover, WinetR professional services was also chosen for the quality design, IT consultancy and project implementation support. Want to navigate the quality iContact™ deliverable and the Ego products, please click>> (

Nov 15, 2004

With iContact™ 's modular architecture, the system could be further enhanced and developed easily. CityU Academic Regulations and Records Office (ARRO) chose iContact to develop an online system for programme and courses information. on the existing iContact system of CityU Communications Office, the new system is evolved and developed seamlessly. Using iContact™'s reusable objects, the development time and cost are greatly reduced. The project is in data entry stage, we are looking forward to seeing the public launch of ARRO's programme and courses site very soon.

Nov 03, 2004

The six top fashion brands of Toppy Group, including Episode, Jessica, Colour Eighteen, Weekend Workshop, Episode Studio & Oxygen launched their Autumn / Winter web-site today. Professional WinetR designers create impressive web-site pages to highlight the distinctive image and style of each brand. Want to navigate Toppy's top fashions & accessories through the web?

Oct 29, 2004

Phoenix Mobile launched their new web-site presenting the image of "Communication Oasis" today. Creative Winet® designers use ocean, sky, rainbow color and pretty girls to build the web-site. Style and quality communication anywhere are perfectly
presented. Let's click
to see this quality & attractive presentation.

Oct 29, 2004

Orchid House Fashion Ltd launched their Fall / Winter web-site today. Winet® is selected again in the 3rd consecutive year to be their web services provider. Melini fashions and accessories are greatly presented through an on-line digital magazine designed by experienced Winet® designers. Want to read the digital magazine? Just have a click

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