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Jun 10, 2006

By adopting the iContact™ Software Suite, Jiwa established their content management system. Supported by the iContact™ Content Management module, the content of the website could be managed efficiently. Besides, news could be updated frequently and published automatically to the public.

May 12, 2006

Winet® is proud to be responsible for the localization of Sony Pictures The Da Vinci Code movie website. Filled with controversial ideas of faith, religion and history, this worldwide bestselling brainy thriller, continued to promote heated debates in theatres. The website has now reached a remarkable record of over one million hits.

Apr 24, 2006

To maintain a professional image and data integrity of the website, China Mobile selected Winet to provide consultancy services through evaluating the existing website and a Review Report has been produced for China Mobile's reference.

Apr 24, 2006

Following the success of the AMi system, Convoy decided to launch the Product Library system to speed up the work process. By Adopting the powerful iContact™ Product Library, Convoy can manage and search the insurance plan information anytime and anywhere. Intelligent iContact™ engine supports insurance plan searching by various criterion. (e.g. by plan name, plan type, etc)

Apr 24, 2006

PolyU - Department of Computing selected the use of iContact™ Content Management engine for web content management purposes. Also, Winet was selected to provide web design services for website revamping purposes. Supported by the iContact™, Department's latest news & program information can be updated anytime and anywhere.

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